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Body Weight Training Coach

Need Low Impact Workouts? Why A Body Weight Training Coach May Be A Good Fit For You

You know that you're ready to start working out, but you have joint or other health issues that make it tough for you to get a good workout in. You need to stay low impact, but you still want to work hard. Working with a body weight training coach can be a great way to get an awesome workout in without using weights or other equipment that can be tough on your joints.

When you work with a group fitness trainer, be sure to talk with them about any limitations that you have with your joints. It's a great idea to look for a group fitness trainer who is also a body weight training coach, as they'll likely be able to easily provide you with body weight only modifications that can allow you to still get as good of a workout as someone who is using weights.

If you're struggling with joint issues, it's important that you get clearance from your doctor before you start a new exercise program. If your doctor gives you any guidelines that you need to follow when you work out, be sure to share them with your group fitness trainer or your body weight training coach. They'll work with you to make modifications to your workout that help you stay within your doctor's recommendations.

If you're searching for a personal or group fitness trainer who can work with you to provide the body weight workouts that you need, reach out to me today. I teach body weight only strength and conditioning classes, and I'd love to help you safely work toward getting stronger and more fit.

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